Bringing the Body Back to Pure Balanced Energy with Alina Alexandra

The Emotion Code book

I’m glad you’re here because what I have to share with you are the most effective approaches to health and well-being I’ve found so far. The Emotion Code and the Body Code, both developed by chiropractor, Dr Bradley Nelson, are truly incisive tools to quickly get to the heart of what is unbalancing you and then release those imbalances easily and cleanly.
The truth is that you were created with all that you need. All the tool to fight disease, overcome pain, follow your heart, live abundantly and find your bliss!
Well the time is now…
Here, at E-motion Healing, I see a greater vision of yourself. One, that has been restored; free from the emotions that have haunted your happiness. One, that is renewed; with a heart that is open and flowing with pure energy. For the heart is the wellspring of life! One, that is ignited with passion, purpose and abundance. One, that is aligned with it’s highest self receiving all the fruits of your efforts! I believe this is you! And I”m inspired to tell you that you need to be seen!
  • Experience the Most Cutting Edge form of Energy Healing
  • Immerse yourself in Distance Healing from the comfort of your home
  • Participate in the Greatest Discovery in Energy Healing: The Heart Wall
  • How would it feel to have COMPLETE peace with your past?
  • Remove Chronic Pain Permanently within a few sessions
  • Use the EMOTION CODE to create Abundance, Enhance Relationships, and align yourself with your True Self
    Imagine your body free of pain and full of energy. How great would it feel for your default emotional expressions to be love, care, appreciation and compassion? Imagine being equipped with greater discernment and intuitive clarity and how that could change your life. The world needs you to be authentic, creative and connected to your truths! What would life be like if you had more confidence to overcome obstacles with ease, cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and others? Now, is time to tap into the HERO within? And this healing method is designed to help you do it!
    I believe there is only one way to truly heal the body and that is to bring the WHOLE body to a purely balanced state.