Resonating relationships -the energy of romance

                            Heart Wall Clearing is one of the most powerful approaches to clearing blocks to love, success and creativity and has created                  massive changes in my clients lives (myself included). Yet for many people there are still blocks to creating a relationship that works. Many people grow up with poor role models for love and relating, are still unconsciously closed to love, feel undeserving, have poor conflict resolution skills. The resonating relationships program, developed by Natalie Nelson, addresses all these areas.

Suitable for people currently in a relationship or single and wishing to have a relationship that works.


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The first session is a evaluation of where you currently are in terms of your beliefs around love and relationships, gaining clarity of what is important to you in a relationship, the mode you are currently operating from (connection, stagnation, isolation), looking at energetic cordings to past relationships and much more. It is very thorough and insightful. This is followed by three sessions which clear those blockages energetically using the Body Code. Please note that although most people can and do make amazing shifts during these three sessions, more than this may be required depending on your own circumstances. Any decision to do more sessions will be entirely up to you, not led by me.