Blast Away Abundance, Wealth And Success Blocks

Are you a small business owner, or self-employed and you have a hunch that something is stopping or blocking you from success, but you can’t quite identify what is?

Can you say yes to one or all of the following?
• Drowning in debt?
• Feeling blocked from achieving success?
• Lacking motivation?
• Worrying about making ends meet?
• Stuck in your business or career?
• Can’t harness your creative energy?
• Not feeling worthy of accepting money?
• Not charging what you’re worth?
Have you tried all the positive thinking methods, success seminars, Law of Attraction, meditating, books and even therapy – but still no results?
Until I got rid of the emotional baggage in my life I was living like this as well.
I will remove your money and business blocks using advanced Emotion Code and Body Code techniques, Includes identification & release of as many imbalances as your subconscious allows during Body Code& Emotion Code sessions. Receive your divine birthright freely!

Long-distance Sessions:​

I work as a Proxy after getting your permission to connect with your energy, meaning that I can work anywhere in the world remotely from where I am, as I connect with you energetically and work on the phone, Skype and/or e-mail! I also e-mail you your results! Through e-mail, I, again, ask your permission to proxy with you energetically, and then I work to remove what is energetically getting in your way