Meet Alina Alexandra

Meet Alina

I’m glad you’re here because what I have to share with you are the most effective approaches to health and well-being I’ve found so far.
I have a natural and keen ability to help people heal their lives. Being extremely intuitive and curious at a very young age with an unique ability to recognize people’s needs, how to address their concerns and to help them see with clarity. I assist my clients to heal by releasing the densities that clog up organs/glands and the tissues of the body, which then cause the body and mind to break down

have dedicated myself to heal my own densities to releasing my own outdated patterns and perceptions, which no longer are useful for making positive and current life-changing decisions. Through my own evolved healing, I am able to be totally present emotionally for my clients. Pursuing my own personal healing journey has led me to acquire certifications in Emotion and Body Code ,both developed by chiropractor, Dr Bradley Nelson which are truly incisive tools to quickly get to the heart of what is unbalancing you and then release those imbalances easily and cleanly.


Through all of my own inner healing and exploration, I have discovered my own true path and passion, which is to help liberate others from within so they, in turn, can find their peacefulness, purpose and see with more clarity. Furthermore, through my own personal and in-depth inner healing of negative emotions and other types of densities, I can validate the harmful results these energies impose inside us and even around us, which run our lives in very negative ways. 

These negative/dense emotions/energies are commonly expressed as worry, depression, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, worthlessness, struggle, self-sabotage, fears, self-doubt, to name a few! Once these dense energies are removed, are released, a greater sense of freedom is achieved. This inner work allows a pathway for your true gifts to flow through you to help you flourish in your life.

Most importantly, from my own in-depth inner healing, I have acquired more of my own Love to emanate from my Heart, providing me with a tender yet powerful understanding of the human heart, which puts people at ease, as well as inspires them to move their life forward with joy, harmony, and confidence. My sharp capabilities to “hear” people’s Subconscious, through my work and my intuitive gifts, gives me the ability to assist my clients greatly in obtaining a higher quality of health -physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! THIS is my JOY!

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The Key To Fulfillment & Success

What You Can Expect:

  • Release emotional blocks through utilization of effective techniques
  • Delete limiting beliefs and doubts
  • Replace limiting beliefs with new and positive beliefs
  • Access your Subconscious for clarity and inspiration
  • Heighten motivation by increasing your resonance

What You Can Achieve:

  • Confidence, joy and fulfillment
  • Exhilaration/Exuberance
  • Continued sense of greater inspiration and greater possibilities
  • Peace, renewal, self-acceptance and enhanced passion for life

Long-distance Sessions:​

I work as a Proxy after getting your permission to connect with your energy, meaning that I can work anywhere in the world remotely from where I am, as I connect with you energetically and work on the phone, Skype and/or e-mail! I also e-mail you your results! Through e-mail, I, again, ask your permission to proxy with you energetically, and then I work to remove what is energetically getting in your way