Resonating Relationships

        Clearing your Heart-Wall is one of the best steps you can take in order to improve your relationships (I can vouch for this!) Yet, for many people there are still blocks to creating a relationship that works.

         Many people grow up with poor role models for love and relating, are still unconsciously closed to love, feel undeserving and/or have poor conflict resolution skills and boundary functions.

 Do you believe you can have a relationship that nourishes you,excites you and keeps you coming back for  more?

Attracting your Soul Mate can be a very powerful relationship ,to be with someone who is attracted to your Higher Self.

Many people  grow up with very poor role models for love and relating ,are still subconsciously close to love ,feel undeserving and/or have poor conflict resolution skills and boundaries functions.


The Resonating Relationships Package can help you call in the one, however, it is equally suitable for people currently in a relationship that wish to strengthen their connection or iron out some communication problems, conflict or other issues.

The Resonating Relationships Package includes 4 sessions. The first session is an evaluation of where you currently are in terms of your beliefs around love and relationships, gaining clarity of what is important to you in a relationship, the mode you are currently operating from (Connection, Stagnation, Isolation), looking at energetic cordings to past relationships and much more. This session is very thorough and insightful.

The subsequent three sessions will focus on releasing negative emotions and energies holding you back from forming and solidifying beautiful authentic relationships with a sincere and genuinely loving connection.

The Body Code goes deep and can pinpoint ancestral energies, oaths and vows holding us back and uncover and clear self-sabotage, old subconscious beliefs and emotions regarding money, success and abundance.

Long-distance Sessions:​

I work as a Proxy after getting your permission to connect with your energy, meaning that I can work anywhere in the world remotely from where I am, as I connect with you energetically and work on the phone, Skype and/or e-mail! I also e-mail you your results! Through e-mail, I, again, ask your permission to proxy with you energetically, and then I work to remove what is energetically getting in your way